A Song for Every Occasion in Your Life


Celebrate a new chapter in your life

Imagine saying "I do" with your very own song playing in the background.  Every time you hear that song for years to come, your love will be rekindled in a way only music can.

Celebrate a long relationship

Music is an ideal personal gift because the song is unique and the emotions are genuine.

Have a song written to mark those relationships, whether it be a wedding anniversary, birthday, or even for special clients of your business.

Remember the passing of a loved one

Music is important in many funerary rituals around the world because it keeps us moving through grief while chasing away the silence of loss.

High quality recordings for you

We deliver several types of media for your playback, on CD or memory stick in addition to electronically delivered to you.

From quick songs to extended soundtracks

We can write you a thirty-second jingle, or an hour-long masterpiece--or anything in-between.

How do I get my song created, already?!

Please fill out a short questionnaire in order for us to get an idea of what creating your very own song will require.  Check it out below!

Free songwriting quotes

What songwriting would you like?

Better yet, see us in person!

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